Meet Tummy!

    • In the process of feeding preschoolers, it is important to make sure that the child would consume the appropriate amount of the served meal, and within the adequate amount of time. It is also important to keep the child's attention on the meal taking process for better food assimilability, as well as to control the food's nutrition facts and amounts consumed.
    • On practice, to make the meal taking process more attractive, parents often install a mobile entertainment device in front of a child taking meal, so the child’s attention is often switched to the show on the screen for an uncontrolled amount of time. 
    • Also, the existing meal serving equipment does not provide built-in means to automatically measure and memorize the amount and nutrition facts of the food consumed by the child.
    • Tummy motivates children to consume meal in whole and without significant interruptions. While still displaying the show to the child on the mobile device, Tummy pauses it in case the child stops eating for any reason, and asks the child to continue.
    When the child resumes taking meal, Tummy resumes the show and provides certain animated visual awards to the child.
    • Even in case if the child is eating continuously, Tummy is interrupting the show intermittently with brief supporting exclamations to bring the child's attention back to the meal taking process.
    • Besides that, Tummy controls the consistency of the child’s nutrition. He collects meal weight and nutrition facts at every meal taking session, and stores the collected data on the cloud for further access by parents.
    Tummy's unique magic is a flat profile high precesion Bluetooth enabled food scale, which serves as a coaster for a meal plate.
    • The scale monitors the weight decrease during the meal consumation session, and generates the Bluetooth signal every time there is a delay registered for more than 20 sec. The accompanying mobile app pauses or resumes the video controlled by the signal from the scale.
    • The app is also connected to the cloud-based server used for subscription and nutrition data storage.