TUMMY trains preschoolers'
communication skills early

TUMMY's main goal is to enhance preschoolers' communication skills for an easier transition to kindergarten and primary school.

Children aged 2 to 5 usually don't attend kindergarten, leaving them without friends to communicate with during the day while their dad is at work and their mom is often busy in the kitchen.
Such a child does not have enough time to gain sufficient communication experience needed in primary and secondary school.

TUMMY is designed to prevent such issues by engaging with the child while they watch content, making it interactive.

With TUMMY, a child can find a loyal friend who is always available to entertain, educate, and offer assistance.

Feature 1:

Many parents would like to stop their children from watching cartoons while eating, but it still happens very often.

TUMMY makes it possible for the child to benefit from this. He interrupts the cartoon if the child is distracted from eating for too long and offers to take a couple more spoons in exchange for a fun trick at the end of the meal.

In this way, the child gains the useful skill of listening to others for their own benefit.
This feature is patented, presented on Kickstarter, and will be released soon.

Feature 2:

At the end or in the middle of a cartoon show, TUMMY can enter into an interaction with the child, for example, like this:

- Which of the props of the cartoon did you like the most?

Based on the answer, TUMMY will show the child a fun trick involving the chosen item.

The feature creates a dialogue mode and trains the child's communication skills.
It is currently in development and will be available in the Release 2 of the TUMMY mobile app.

Feature 3:

Mom from the kitchen sees that the child has scattered toys.
She taps a button on the phone, and the child hears TUMMY's voice from the tablet nearby:
- Hey, dude, tap me, and I'll show you a trick!

The child taps on, and TUMMY says to him:
- Oh, I can’t do tricks in such a mess. Well, quickly collect all these toys in a box!

We are currently in the development of interactive content and functionality for remotely controlling the TUMMY's actions from another device. This feature will be available in the Release 3 of the TUMMY mobile app.

Feature 4:

Educational games were invented to instill a child's desire to study.
But the child prefers to watch cartoons, and unobtrusively switching their attention to the educational game is essential.

For such a task, TUMMY is the best candidate because your child always gets only the most fun and excitement from him.
For example, at the end or in the middle of any cartoon show, TUMMY pops up and offers to play an exciting game.

We have started creating interactive games with TUMMY as a character. You can see the sample video content used in these games on the TUMMY YouTube channel
We are also in development of integrating popular educational gaming resources such as ABCya and SplashLearn.
The feature will be available in the Release 4 of the TUMMY mobile app.

Feature 5:

Kids can tap the TUMMY Widget anytime. In response, TUMMY will verbally propose selecting an item from a magic box, such as a rocket or a flower, and will immediately present a new amusing trick featuring the chosen item.

TUMMY notifies children when no more tricks are available to the day, helping them learn that fun isn't always accessible.

TUMMY can not only do tricks but also recommend new cartoons or educational games for children.

With the aid of TUMMY, children can interact with their entertainment content, thus improving their communication skills.

Bonus: learn to be friends

The ability to be a good friend is highly valued among humans.

When children have a kind and selfless friend like TUMMY in their early years, they tend to model their own communication skills after him throughout their lives. These children grow up to be loyal and cherished friends loved by everyone.

About TUMMY:

  • TUMMY is brought to you by a team of child psychologists, cartoonists, and top New York gadget engineers.
  • Patented in the US.

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