Does your brand sell flat nutrition scales with Bluetooth?
Attract new scale buyers and get a 20% revenue share.

TUMMY will be a great partner!

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Step 1: 
Connect your scale with TUMMY Mobile App 

TUMMY Mobile App easily connects to any Bluetooth-enabled scale.
Indeed, many of your clients have preschool children, and TUMMY will be happy to help them eat well and become their selfless friend.

To connect your scale to TUMMY, send us a partnership request, and we will merry your scale with the TUMMY Mobile App for free.

Step 2:
Turn your scale into a TUMMY Plate Coaster

So that the plate with the child's meal does not slip on the scale and the child is not distracted by the digital display of the scales, we use a silicone pad with the image of TUMMY's face.

You can design and produce such a pad in-house or request mold engineering for your scales from us, which is also free of charge.
In your partnership request, let us know which of these two options suits you best.

Step 3:
Get a 20% revenue share from TUMMY subscriptions

TUMMY's services are available for your customers by in-app subscription for TUMMY End-of-meal Awards:
$10/month, $100/year, or $300 lifetime.

We reward you as a Partner with 20% of the subscription revenue you generate by introducing TUMMY's magic to your scale buyers.

At the same time, you will acquire new customers who never thought of buying a nutrition scale before but would love to buy it with TUMMY.
Just FYI, this category of buyers is very active on social networks, so that they will promote your scales in numerous groups dedicated to preschoolers and their parents.


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About TUMMY:

  • TUMMY is brought to you by a team of child psychologists, cartoonists, and top New York gadget engineers.
  • Patented in the US.
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