Start feeding your child with TUMMY:

Step 1: 
Buy TUMMY Plate Coaster on Amazon

TUMMY's unique magic is a flat profile high-precision Bluetooth-enabled food scale, which serves as a coaster for a meal plate:

The scale monitors the weight decrease during the meal session and generates the Bluetooth signal every time a delay is registered for over 20 seconds.

The accompanying mobile app then uses the received signals to pause or resume the video content displayed to the child during the meal session.

For $14.99, you get the TUMMY Plate Coaster, which can also be used as a nutrition scale accompanied by a mobile app.

Step 2:
Install TUMMY Mobile App

Through this app, your child will watch cartoons and movies from YouTube while taking meals.
If your child gets distracted from taking a meal, TUMMY enters the stage and performs his magic!

He will divert the child's attention from watching the video and ask him to continue eating in exchange for a fun visual award cartoon at the end of the meal.

The newly installed app already has several of these End-of-meal Awards. The daily update on these awards is available through subscription.

Step 3:
Subscribe to TUMMY End-of-meal Awards

Your freshly installed app has just three TUMMY cartoon awards that your child can watch upon completing the meal.

To get new daily end-of-meal awards for your child, subscribe in-app: $10/month, $100/year, or $300 lifetime.

A lifetime subscription will be helpful in families with several children in succession approaching the age of two or in childcare facilities with a rotation of children aged 2 to 5 years.

Check out all available End-of-meal Awards on the TUMMY YouTube Channel

Step 4:
Prepare Plate Coaster

Place the silicone cover on the scale so that the indentation inside the cover is on the scale display.

You have prepared the TUMMY Plate Coaster. Now, let's put it on the table in front of the child and press it to switch it ON.

Step 5:
Connect the app with the Plate Coaster, adjust settings, and start the meal session!

High-precision Nutrition Scale

Without a silicon cover, you can use the TUMMY Plate Coaster as a high-precision nutrition scale with the SmartApple mobile app connected via Bluetooth.

About TUMMY:

  • TUMMY is brought to you by a team of child psychologists, cartoonists, and top New York gadget engineers.
  • Patented in the US.

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